Anonymous Postcard: Claim Detail

Claim No.: 072120110414

US Postal Service

I love the US Postal Service! Mindboggling what you guys will do for 28 cents. I would never bring a small piece of cardboard all the way across the country to a stranger's house for the price of I can't actually think of anything that costs that little.

Some people are upset over this business about using the Las Vegas Statue of Liberty as the basis of your new stamp design instead of the real one in New York. But I'll tell you this much: if you guys keep up this insane deal where you'll bring a postcard all the way up to Egegik, Alaska for 28 cents, you might need to start spending more time in Vegas. At the roulette wheel I mean!

I'm not an expert on forgeries of famous statues or whatever but there is no way you can stay in business making trips like that to Egegik. I'm not even sure there's a road to get there in the wintertime. But I love that you'll keep doing it, every time I put another postcard in the mail. Whoops gotta go, time to head back to Egegik! Man that must take forever. It's not funny but I still can't stop sending you up there.

Mailed: 2011-04-16

All images copyright Tucker Nichols