Anonymous Postcard: Claim Detail

Claim No.: 061720091201

Alice Fredericks, Mayor of Tiburon, CA

Mayor Fredericks:

Your support for the plan to install security cameras to record the license plate of every car entering Tiburon raises many questions. For example: what crime wave are you working to address? Your town seems as safe as any I've heard of. Do you think giving in to the exaggerated fears of your town will diminish these anxieties? It seems a kind of town-wide therapy rally might do more to help your townsfolk recognize the uncommonly high levels of safety and privilege in their streets. Not sure what Dr. Phil's speaking fees are, but those cameras sound expensive.

I am not a criminal of any kind but I must point out that these proposed measures could have the undesired affect of inviting people who think it sounds like fun to rob by bicycle. I'm told your town is committed to widening its bike lanes, yes?

Good luck with the PR campaign and the coming lawsuits, sounds complicated.

Mailed: 2009-12-02

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