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Hey NPR,

I listen to you a lot, and I like the music that you play in the spaces in between stories. Regardless of the show I'm listening to, be it: Fresh Air, Morning Addition, All Things Considered, I am perpetually frustrated by the slow upload time of the "musical interludes" posted on your website.

I get so excited to know who that song was that I rush onto the website only to get this message: "This show's music interludes are not yet posted. Please check back later." That's the worst kind of radio blueballs. Please. Please. Don't make me wait. By the time you get around to it, I won't be interested.


Mailed: 2008-12-02

Dear Blue Balls,

So, after 19 years of putting music between news stories I stopped.

But, I feel your pain, so I won't leave you hanging.

First, here's how it works. While frantically directing a live 2 hour news show the crazed director tries to choose music appropriate both to the story and the time they have left in a given segment.

Then after it is all over, if they didn't have time to write down what they played because they were bugging the editor for scripts and the producer for the next story, they make a list of all the played [clips].

Sometimes their memories fail them and they forget. Most often the song titles are posted within an hour after the east coast show is done. Some directors are better at this then others. When they forget they put a place holder that says... Check back later. Then life continues and they never post the music and then there you are frustrated and blue.

If you ever can't find a piece of music, write to the show that you heard it on and put the word "director" in the subject line. Put the time and date and your time zone in you mail message. If you don't get results mail me directly and I'll try and take care of you.

We are human, we forget, but we care.

Bob Boilen
NPR, All Songs Considered

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